Connectivity, Inclusivity and Sustainability:
Generating Changes and Creating Impacts
9-11 December 2021
HK Time: 28 Feb 2023 01:18:26

Conference Programme
Programme Overview

Pre-Conference Workshops (8 December 2021 - Wednesday)   (subject to the enrolment situation)
Time (GMT +8)
10:00 – 12:00Pre-conference Workshop 1: Alan C. K. CHEUNG
Introduction to Meta-Analysis
14:00 – 16:00Pre-conference Workshop 2: Aaron KOH
Working with Visual Materials in Educational Research

Day ONE (9 December 21 – Thursday)
Hong Kong Time
(GMT +8)
Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E
09:00 – 09:45 Opening Ceremony
09:45 – 10:00 Break
10:00 – 11:30 Keynote Speech 1: Ruth HAYHOE & Maria MANZON
Women, Faith and Sustainability: A Dialogue among Asian Civilizations
11:30 – 11:40 Break
11:40 – 13:00 Paper Session 1 Paper Session 2 Paper Session 3 Paper Session 4
13:00 – 14:00 Comfort Break
14:00 – 15:20 Paper Session 5 Paper Session 6 Paper Session 7 Paper Session 8 Symposium I
15:20 – 15:30 Break
15:30 – 17:00 Keynote Speech 2: Simon MARGINSON
Beyond the Centre-Periphery Framework in Higher Education Studies
17:00 – 18:00 APERA Board Meeting

Day TWO (10 December 21 – Friday)
Hong Kong Time
(GMT +8)
Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E
09:00 – 10:20 Paper Session 9 Paper Session 10 Paper Session 11 Paper Session 12 Symposium II
10:20 – 10:30 Break
10:30 – 11:50 Paper Session 13 Paper Session 14 Paper Session 15 Paper Session 16
11:50 – 12:00 Break
12:00 – 13:20 Paper Session 17 Paper Session 18 Paper Session 19 Paper Session 20 Paper Session 21
13:20 – 14:00 Comfort Break
14:00 – 15:20 Paper Session 22 Paper Session 23 Paper Session 24 Paper Session 25 Symposium III
15:20 – 15:30 Break
15:30 – 17:00 Keynote Speech 3: Wing-on LEE
What About the Development of Continuing Education and Training:
The Case of IAL in Singapore?
17:00 – 18:00 HKERA Committee Meeting

Day THREE (11 December 21 – Saturday)
Hong Kong Time
(GMT +8)
Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E
09:00 – 10:30 Keynote Speech 4: A. Lin GOODWIN
Dead Ideas, Missing Ideas, and Enduring Idea(l)s: Some Perspectives on Teacher Education for Connectivity, Inclusivity and Sustainability
10:30 – 10:40 Break
10:40 – 12:00 Roundtable Paper Session 26 Paper Session 27 Paper Session 28 Symposium IV
12:00 – 12:30 Closing Ceremony & Awards Presentation

Paper Presentations and Symposia Schedule

Schedule PDF available for download here

11:40 – 13:00 (GMT +8)
Room A

Paper Session 1
P1c-63 Career and life development in Hong Kong: A school improvement and benchmarking perspective
Stephen Y. W. YIP
P1d-129 Beyond the classroom: How did secondary school students manage their time during COVID-19 school suspensions in Hong Kong?
Shirley M. L. KWOK, Catherine M. CAPIO, & Catherine K. K. CHAN
P1d-80 How universities contribute to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: A case study of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Sirirat Sae LIM & Ngoc My Linh LE
P1d-104 The role of schools in promoting students’ global competence
Jinxin ZHU & Kerry KENNEDY
Room B

Paper Session 2
P1d-89 Examining the relationship among basic psychological need, social support and well-being of Hong Kong secondary school teachers
Bick Har LAM, Lan YANG, Rebecca W. Y. CHENG, Chi Keung CHENG, & Y. K. Jasmine NG
P1b-21 English teachers’ emotion and teacher identities in a rural school in China: a preliminary study
Zhuoxi CAO & Margaret LO
P1d-96 Diversity, inclusivity and sustainability: Ecological art education in higher education
Xiaoting WANG & Miao WANG
P1d-108 Entrepreneurialism and internationalization of China's higher vocational education
Xiaohua WAN
Room C

Paper Session 3
P1-19 COVID-19下臺灣國民小學校長認定領導對教師建言行為影響之探討
P1d-95 COVID-19 下國中校長線上教學領導之個案研究
李桂雲  謝傳崇
P1d-102 新冠肺炎疫情下普通中小學教師線上教學工作感受問卷之發展
莊樂  Jingru QU  Chenghui YE
P1-28 COVID-19 停課不停學對中學教師情緒勞務與復原力影響之研究
施逸祥  謝傳崇  簡瑋成
Room D

Paper Session 4
P1d-115 Second language (L2) irony processing among university students in Hong Kong: Do L2 individual factors matter?
Weiyi LI
P1-24 University writing centre consultants’ perceptions and experiences of synchronous virtual one-to-one tutoring in the time of crisis
Yu Hang KWAN
P1d-72 Computer-mediated feedback in L2 speaking: Linguistic, contextual, and individual perspectives
Wenrui ZHANG
P1-12 Lecturers’ practices and perceptions on the effectiveness of feedback in the assessment of academic writing in Hong Kong: A case study
Noble LO, Sumie CHAN, & Bryan TO
14:00 – 15:20 (GMT +8)
Room A

Paper Session 5
P1b-20 "This is my English": Reassessing English ownership among second language speakers through first language influenced accent
Yvonne YIM
P1-1 Relative clauses in written Hong Kong English: A corpus-based study
Chi Wui NG
P1-8 Mismatches between recommended and actual practice in teaching passive voice
Chiu Yeung WONG
P1d-94 Exploring the possibility of incorporating L2 pragmatic elements into the HKDSE Japanese language programme in Hong Kong
Mei Yi LAM
Room B

Paper Session 6
P1d-86 A phenomenological study with student partners on the impact of COVID-19 on undergraduate learning experiences
Tracy X. P. ZOU
P1-55 Integration through learning: A case study of an immigrant family in the UK
Hui-ling CHEN
P1d-107 Environment centered STEM learning in primary school
Qianwen HE & Winnie W. M. SO
P1d-127 Teaching civics during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Comparing teachers’ experiences
Room C

Paper Session 7
P1d-133 特殊教育需要學生與新興運動:教練的取態
陳慧華 黃康耀 林煒 黃君兒 龍家浚
P1d-134 教育的可持續發展:生命教育和品德教育的連通實踐
陳志斌 呂美儀 龍家浚
P1-14 以非正規教育推行生命教育可行性: 以香港一間最具規模青少年制服團體調查為例
何世孝 林煒 李浩德 韋嘉麗 黃君兒 龍家浚
Room D

Paper Session 8
P1d-87 Neither Western nor Eastern: Intercultural adaptations and challenges of Western-educated mainland Chinese Ph.D. students at an elite Hong Kong university
Ling WANG & Etienne WOO
P1d-131 Comparison of students’ and teachers’ perceptions of secondary reforms in China in 2012 and 2021
Y. H. Peter JOONG & Yixiang JIN
P1d-75 Exploring the capability, strategy, and implementation of SDGs in universities: a case study of Thai universities
Kochaphan PHAIROJRITHIKUL & Sirirat Sae LIM
P1d-139 COVID-19 student adaptation towards the change on study mode
Shirley LAW
Room E

An Asian perspective on campus inclusion for productive academic engagement and holistic wellness: Diverse pathways, practices and challenges

Celeste Y. M. YUEN, Alan C. K. CHEUNG, Hayes H.-H. TANG, Dehui ZHOU, & Yanling ZHOU
09:00 – 10:20 (GMT +8)
Room A

Paper Session 9
P1-9 Early educators’ planning and practices on outdoor community learning in an urbanized landscape
Siew Chin NG, Nicola YELLAND, & Jeanne M. IORIO
P1b-29 Mothering styles, time investments and children’s subjective well-being: Evidence for Mainland China
Jinghui HUANG & Xinyue CHEN
P1d-56 Relations of parent-child and teacher-child relationships to very young children’s mathematical abilities: The mediating role of receptive vocabulary
Sum Kwing CHEUNG, T.-S. Carrey SIU, & Wai Ling CHAN
P1d-64 Reinventing the infant development program through kits for family play: Learning materials to guide parents for the care & development of infants born during the pandemic
Josephine Louise F. JAMERO & Maria Theresa Z. MORA
Room B

Paper Session 10
P1d-79 A latent profile analysis of Chinese in-service teachers’ attitudes towards inclusive education
Zhengli XIE & Li-fang ZHANG
P1d-113 Inclusivity of the Hong Kong higher education system: A critical policy analysis
Keenan D. MANNING & Celeste Y. M. YUEN
P1d-88 Creative education practices and gender in school music education as perceived by young Chinese students
Wai-Chung HO
P1d-57 Flipped classrooms- meeting special educational needs in inclusive classrooms
Sharon MA
Room C

Paper Session 11
P1d-121 基於移動終端的教師非正式學習的調查研究
王曉莉 Shuxia YANG
P1d-106 大學生的「脫單」焦慮: 從社交平臺語料分析探究大學生的愛情攻略與意義轉變
P1d-119 交友軟體之風險與教育意義
何博雅 吳金春
P1-5 運用VR融入特色學校課程提升中輟生再學習意願
魏幸慈 王靖烽 王子華
Room D

Paper Session 12
P1d-68 Towards understanding Chinese ethnic minority students’ underperformance in English learning: A literature review
Zirui LIU
P1a-34 Revisiting the fine-tuning medium-of-instruction policy in Hong Kong: A translanguaging perspective
Siu Ho YAU, Wai Sun CHUN, & Ching Hann TSANG
P1-13 The malleable identity of secondary school teachers: Professional development and English language education strategies in Hong Kong
Noble LO & Bryan TO
P1d-125 Fostering sustainable reflective writing: Developing pedagogical materials for self-directed learning
Room E

  Striving for the ideal of full inclusion for women in higher education
Mary TUPAN-WENNO, Catherine M. MILLETT, Saran STEWART, & Eliana M. AMARAL
10:30 – 11:50 (GMT +8)
Room A

Paper Session 13
P1c-59 Evaluating structural and process qualities of infant and toddlers rooms in Hong Kong
T.-S. Carrey SIU, Melissa P. CALDWELL, Sum Kwing CHEUNG, & Wai Ling CHAN
P1d-114 Enhancing pre-service kindergarten teachers’ learning engagement and motivation using flipped teaching- a pilot study
Y. H. Paul WONG & S.-M. Jackie LI
P1b-52 Myanmar preschool teachers’ mathematics teaching beliefs and practices before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Hay Mar MYAT KYAW & Sum Kwing CHEUNG
P1d-82 Initial efficacy and teachers’ attitudes towards mindfulness-based social-emotional learning activities for kindergartens in Hong Kong
Rebecca Y. M. CHEUNG, Connie Y. Y. HO, Elsa N.-S. LAU, Monica M. JACKMAN, & Nirbhay N. SINGH
Room B

Paper Session 14
P1a-31 A review on AI ethical principles in the perspectives of social sciences
Sau Wai LAW, Davy T.-K. NG, & Josephine P. W. LAU
P1d-100 Attitudes toward service-learning in higher education
Li-shiue GAU & Chung-hsing HUANG
P1b-54 Social experiential learning for zero waste education in a liberal arts university
Paulina WONG & Gary W. C. WONG
P1d-97 Action research on cultivating key competencies for sustainability through building pollinator-friendly habitats in school
Ching-hung HSU
Room C

Paper Session 15
P1a-45 試析國語習作中圖文閱讀評量之設計與運用
P1d-93 以統整課程為導向的幼兒藝術活動設計研究
P1-2 探討部落運動文化於幼兒園課程的傳遞之行動研究 - 以臺東縣某國小附幼為例
P1d-123 傳情達意:國小高年級學生寫作成品中比喻語言運用之分析
鄧玉英 梁雲霞
Room D

Paper Session 16
P1a-25 Examining pre-service teachers’ social justice dispositions: The case of an undergraduate teacher education program in India
P1d-141 Accidental intercultural (mis)understanding? A reflection from one university-community service learning trip in Kenya
Gordon C. P. TSUI
P1-39 Political ideology and textbook recontextualization: The Chinese language textbook of Hong Kong in the 1950s
P1d-128 Shaping Chinese postgraduate students’ life outlook: When neo-liberalism meets with Confucianism and patriotism
Tengteng ZHUANG
Room E

Paper Session 16a
P1d-138 “All in this together?” Unpacking the concepts of inclusion and diversity in the teaching profession in Ireland through the lens of a national teacher induction process research study
P1a-46 Professional learning for curriculum leadership: A video-based ethnographic study of teacher collaboration
P1d-132 Public attitudes towards psychosis and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in an ordinary secondary school in Hong Kong
Shirley LAW & Lai Ha LAW
P1d-137 Identity, power, and legitimacy: Instructor conceptions of diversity in higher education
Nicole SUAREZ, Song WANG, Stacey BRYDGES, & Stanley LO
12:00 – 13:20 (GMT +8)
Room A

Paper Session 17
P1b-3 College students’ persistence in academic or career goals under the COVID-19 Epidemic in Hubei Province
Xiaoqing WANG, Yu CHEN, Zhenyu ZHOU, & Zhen PANG
P1d-70 The challenges of COVID-19 to the internationalization of higher education: neo-liberal paradigm in question
Suyan PAN
P1d-99 Hybrid experiential learning in the times of COVID: Connecting students with partners via cyberspace
P1-18 Positive cartoon animation to change student behaviors in online study in pandemic
Room B

Paper Session 18
P1d-126 Cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary teaching enhancement: Conceptual development and impact analysis
Tracy X. P. ZOU
P1d-92 A study of power and role conflicts of secondary school middle leaders under school-based management in Hong Kong
P1-36 Is extra EAP support required for degree holders pursuing master programmes in less familiar fields?
Sumie CHAN & Noble LO
P1-27 Exploring teacher capacity development in differentiated instruction through school-university collaboration
Yuen Yi LO, Weijun LIANG, & Peichang HE
Room C

Paper Session 19
P1-15 體育教育的可持續發展:學生和教練對新興運動看法的調查
陳慧華 黃康耀 林煒 黃君兒 龍家浚
P1d-73 自由遊戲在香港幼稚園推行現況:兩所幼稚園的經驗
李麗梅 Yuet Ho LAM
P1c-69 以質性研究檢視新冠疫情下小學生網上正向和正念教育課程
劉雅詩 Ming Tak HUE
P1d-140 香港跨境生幼兒的粵語口語詞彙能力研究
Room D

Paper Session 20
P1d-65 An analysis of students’ creative potential and their classroom performance
Yang TAO & Xiangdong YANG
P1d-98 Effects of students’ attitudes towards mathematics learning on their performance and the factors associated with the attitudes
Darshani HERATH, Subhashinie WIJESUNDERA, & Chamilanka WANIGASEKARA
P1d-40 Is flipped effective? The impact of flipped classroom teaching on students’ learning achievement
Aohua NI, Alan C. K. CHEUNG, & Fan-sing HUNG
P1d-109 A research on the development and application of school culture assessment toolkit for primary and middle schools
Yixiang JIN
Room E

Paper Session 21
P1-53 Implementing technology-enhanced assessment to provide immediate feedback and facilitate self-feedback: An exploratory intervention in shadow education
Lijie QIN & Lan YANG
P1c-61 Undergraduates use YouTube for self-learning
Yu Ting LIN & Chih Chun WU
P1a-41 Dialogical learning of education personnel of South Korea in co-creating and participating in the digital project about education in Finland
Josephine LAU & Dukkeum SUN
P1d-142 Benefits of scientific crowdsourcing: academic staff perspective
14:00 – 15:20 (GMT +8)
Room A

Paper Session 22
P1-23 The power of touch – The case of dyslexia and museum education in the United Kingdom
Hiu Tung MOK
P1-17 Potential challenges of implementing a guideline on fostering inclusive practices at universities in Hong Kong
Gloria Y. K. MA, Patcy P. S. YEUNG, Simon T. M. NG, Florence K. Y. WU, & Beina L. F. CHAN
P1-6 Perception on eradicating racially-loaded terminology: The case of an online chess forum
Chiu Yeung WONG
P1c-60 Student-teachers with visual impairment didactic notion of the triangle
Peter AKAYUURE, Clement Ayarebilla ALI, & Samuel K. HAYFORD
Room B

Paper Session 23
P1d-120 How do sustainable school environment predict secondary school students’ engagement in learning?
P1-22 The effects of an integrated curriculum on student achievement: The first-year implementation in a Shanghai middle school
Kawai LIU, Julius WU, Haowen TAN, Xu HE, & Min-yu CHEN
P1d-66 Pupils daily lives in an elementary school — stage, script and actors
Chung-hsing HUANG, Huei-min WU, & Li-shiue GAU
P1d-112 Understanding Chinese children’s social-emotional competence in a school-based setting: Validating the Washoe County School District-Social-Emotional Competency Assessment in Hong Kong
Rebecca Y. M. CHEUNG & OCEAN O. S. NG
Room C

Paper Session 24
P1c-62 大學金融課程對個人金融素養影響之研究
黃嬿蓉 吳金春
P1d-76 Resilience and financial well-being: Money attitudes as mediator
P1d-124 國小兒童故事書中同儕衝突與解決策略之分析
黃韋翎 梁雲霞
P1c-81 線上遊戲與公民參與
張翊宬 Chih Chun WU
Room D

Paper Session 25
P1d-83 Taoism for a modern metropolitan: A study of a Taoist education programme in Hong Kong
Thomas TSE
P1d-74 Parental involvement, higher education aspirations and subjective well-being among Gaokao students
Feng HAN & Celeste Y. M. YUEN
P1d-103 Examining the relationship between the technological self-efficacy and time management of higher education faculty: A case study from Thailand
P1d-84 Higher education demand and factors influencing student decision-making: The case of Kazakhstan under the “Belt and Road Initiative”
Aohua NI, Alan C. K. CHEUNG & Fan-sing HUNG
Room E

P1-51 The impact of teacher feedback on university students’ growth in the COVID-19 pandemic across three countries: An integrative perspective of assessment and positive psychology
Lan YANG, Anna BELYKH, Cherry Eron FRONDOZO, Juan GAO, Ye HU, & Yiqi WU
10:40 – 12:00 (GMT +8)
Room A

  Early Career Researcher Roundtable
Guest speakers: Letitia FICKEL, Greg C.-H. WU, & Ying ZHANG
Room B

Paper Session 26
P1-16 Glocal reading: Chinese parents reading English storybooks to their preschool children
Yingsheng LIU
P1c-58 The effectiveness of formative assessment for enhancing reading achievement in K-12 classrooms: A meta-analysis
Qianying XUAN & Alan C. K. CHEUNG
P1-10 The impacts of audio-pen on multicultural children’s reading motivation in a second language
Tsz Ching KONG
P1-7 A genre-based approach to reading and writing in language and content subjects – limitations and solutions
Chiu Yeung WONG
Room C

Paper Session 27
P1-32 數字人文在中學古詩文的教學模式
P1-26 混合式學習探知創意實踐的可能性, 打開文字的創意「萬花筒」: 讓學生走進字‧音‧畫
Room D

Paper Session 28
P1-4 探討幼兒園在地文化課程提升部落和家長參與之生命敘說 - 以臺東縣某國小附幼為例
P1d-117 從「巴黎教師遇害案」反思爭議性議題教學的挑戰和出路
李悦 陳霜葉 李子輝
Room E

  Physical activity and wellbeing in children and adolescents with and without special educational needs under COVID-19
Cindy SIT, Stephen WONG, Venus LI, & Eric POON

Abstracts of Papers and Symposia

Book of Abstracts PDF can be download here